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Farm Trade

Bhoomee’s Farm Trade feature maps buyer’s requirement with respective farmers region wise at any given point of time across all seasons for procurement.


7 Days Mandi

Unique feature designed for retailers and Mandi operators to instantly get connected to harvested produce of farmers and visa-versa farmers to instantly get connected to buyers.


Agri-Online Store

Helps farmers to get instant access to thousands of products which can be ordered directly or through our agents and the same will be delivered at his door-step.



Welcome To bhoomee


Bhoomee is a unique initiative put together by M5 info solutions Private limited (Incorporated and Headquartered in Bangalore) for the entire Agri Community.

Bhoomee, is integrated with Cloud, Mobile and other digital technologies, takes information and engagement closer to the farmers. (Rural Employment is the Mantra)

The web enabled platform aims at bringing the entire Agri community of India under one platform to enhance visibility, connectivity and widen market opportunities.



From enrolment to delivery of products, we provide most of our services to farmers at his doorstep


We setup Kendra’s closer to farms to assist farmers sell their produce to retailers, wholesalers and processors based on their indents without commission and transport charges.


Along with Text Messages, Push Messages & WhatsApp, we use extensively voice based interactive communication to ensure that even an uneducated farmer can take advantage of the information.


Farmers will regularly get the knowledge form Package of Practices and Precautions for Preventing of diseases at every stage of the crop on updating the crop details. 

Soil test & Water test will be done at his farmGate. 

Farmers on demand can access thousands of Agri products and implements through bhoomee agent and order. This will be delivered at his door step.

Setting up collection centers for regular supply of commodities for Retailers and Wholesalers. 

Provide man power for identification of commodities to procure 

We can provide trained person for Quality certifying of farmers produce 
Customised solutions can be designed according to the specific needs of the buyers

Setting up Customised Distribution Channel for the Suppliers 

New Product Launch and marketing strategy. 

Run campaigns, Ads and promotions for promoting the products. 

Customised location based and season based marketing services.

Rural Employment is our Mantra

Digital Agri Extension Force

800+ trained Bhoomee Digital Agri Extension Force

Digital Agri Extension Force

800+ trained Bhoomee Digital Agri Extension Force.

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Bhoomee Agents

1000 + Physically Challenged as Bhoomee Agents

Bhoomee Agents

1000 + Physically Challenged as Bhoomee Agents.

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College Students

2000 + College Students as Bhoomee Agents

College Students

2000 + College Students as Bhoomee Agents.

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Women Empowerment

2000 + Rural Women as Bhoomee Agents

Women Empowerment

2000 + Rural Women as Bhoomee Agents.

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Mobile Apps



Services at his door step. Gets 100% Genuine Products 

Market-Linkage for selling his produce

Increase in yield 10-20%

Reduction in agri input cost and unwanted use of pesticides

Sourcing from any location and at any time.

Reduces Dependency on local resources 

Ensures timely supply by providing alternatives instantly

No commissions charged

Reduces cost of setting up your own distribution channel. 

Helps in promoting your products to farmers directly.

Timely advertisement & Information to target clients for decision making. 

Manage your products and offers from your location by accessing our portal.


MORE Mysore collection centre manager Mr. Manjunath prefers bhoomee materials any time . He says, he is assured of quality and freshness.
MORE Mega Store Mysore
Farmers in Tumkur, Sira Taluk, Anchekatte, were not getting good price for their watermelons, They got in touch with bhoomee, with guidance and information from bhoomee they were able to negotiate with the local buyer for 100% higher price than the original offer.
Farmer From Tumkur
Farmer in Kudur Hobli of Ramanagara District explains how by getting visibility on bhoomee portal his choice of buyers increased. His Sweet Pumpkin normally would fetch him Rs.6/Kg,, he could sell at Rs.7.90/Kg in an instance
Farmer from Kudur