About Us
Bhoomee is a unique initiative put together by M5 info solutions Private limited (Incorporated and Headquartered in Bangalore) for the entire Agri Community. The web enabled platform aims at bringing the entire Agri community of India under one platform to enhance visibility, connectivity and widen market opportunities.

Bhoomee is a web-enabled platform that is integrated with Cloud, Mobile and other digital technologies, takes information and engagement closer to the farmers transforming “Agri community”. (Rural Employment is the Mantra)

Key Features of Bhoomee
7Days Mandi
Agri-Online Store
Bhoomee’s Farm Trade feature maps buyer’s requirement with respective farmers region wise at any given point of time across all seasons for procurement.
Unique feature designed for retailers and Mandi operators to instantly get connected to harvested produce of farmers and visa-versa farmers to instantly get connected to buyers.
Bhoomee Agri-Online Stores has a separate stores for End Customers and Distribution Channel for selling agri Inputs directly to farmers and to local dealers for stock and sell through their shops respectively.