Bhoomee Services
Individual Farmers, Farmers Produce Organisation and Co-operatives

Farmers will regularly get the knowledge form Package of Practices and Precautions for Preventing of diseases at every stage of the crop on updating the crop details.

Soil test & Water test will be done at his farmGate.

Farmers on demand can access thousands of Agri products and implements through bhoomee agent and order. This will be delivered at his door step.

Retailers, Wholesalers, Mandi Traders & Processors

Setting up collection centers for regular supply of commodities for Retailers and Wholesalers.

Provide man power for identification of commodities to procure

We can provide trained person for Quality certifying of farmers produce
Customised solutions can be designed according to the specific needs of the buyers

Manufacturers and distributors of Seeds, Pesticides, Nutrients and agri implements.

Setting up Customised Distribution Channel for the Suppliers

New Product Launch and marketing strategy.

Run campaigns, Ads and promotions for promoting the products.

Customised location based and season based marketing services.